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You have chosen to work 1 on 1 in person with one of our doctors/nutritional advisors.  We are excited to start this wellness journey with you and will be here to serve your needs. We look forward to meeting you in-person.

STEP 1: First, CLICK HERE to download, print and fill out your intake form and then CLICK HERE to schedule your consultation and a team member will contact you to set up your first appointment.  You be advised what information packet to download and complete.  If you have any recent blood work, it is helpful to provide this to the doctor.  Some lab findings will be very informative and make it easier for us to help you achieve your ultimate wellness and weight loss goals.

STEP 2: INTRODUCTION AND BASELINES MEETING.  During your first in-office appointment measurements will be taken.  These measurements help us establish the best program for you.  They serve as a baseline and allow us to make sure that the changes we make are optimal changes.  For example, to preserve or build muscle while at the same time shed adipose tissue (body fat).  We will use a number of physical and physiological tools to gather your NUMBERS.  These tests include: the Fit 3D Body Scanner, the Healthy Edge Bio-impedance system and the at times the Korr ReeVue Indirect Calorimeter which measures the oxygen that the body consumes. 

The doctor will then meet with you to give an overview of the MMM, he/she will review your intake information, discuss and understand your goals and how aggressively you want to work to achieve them. 

Lab work may be suggested.  If you have had any recent (within 3 months) blood work please provide the results.  You can get the blood work through your personal physician or we can provide a lab requisition to Quest Labs.

We then set up the next session to review the personal plan established for you based on your metrics, goals, lab work etc.

STEP 3: PERSONAL PLAN IMPLEMENTATION MEETING.  Today we will discuss 3 the pillars of the MMM and start you on your path to Optimal Health and Wellness. 

1) What will be the appropriate caloric intake and the proper macronutrient levels to achieve your goal. 

2) We will assist you in obtaining the proper supplements to support your basic nutritional needs and address any deficiencies detected in the lab testing.  

3) We will address movement.  The decision of what type exercise is based on your current level of fitness and what you enjoy.  We will teach you how to maximize the benefits you derive from your exercise programming.  Local participants enjoy working out in one of our grow exercises classes.

On average it takes about 2-3 weeks of “tweaking” to get you dialed in on the program.

STEP 4:  1st CHECK-IN: This visit can be done in-person or remotely. (In-person allows us to do another Fit3D.)  It is usually done about 7-10 days following your PERSONAL PLAN IMPLEMENTATION MEETING. We use this meeting to review your food log to insure you are eating the appropriate ratios and caloric levels.

NEXT STEPS: Every patient has different needs.  For some they will continue to meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  The different factors might be: how much weight needs to be lost, complicating factors like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, need for accountability etc.  Your coach will suggest the frequency and duration of your program to achieve your desired goals.

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