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Setting New Standards With Your Numbers

Woman on 3D body scanner

When you’re setting your body goals, it can be hard to define what it is that you’re aiming for and how to quantify those goals in terms of your body weight and composition. That’s why Major Chiropractic is now offering Fit3D technology to help you better understand your body, posture, and goals for the future!

The Fit3D technology is a body scanning technology that our team at Major Chiropractic will use to help you better understand any potential improvements we can work on to help you achieve your health and body goals for the future!

With a high-quality scan of your body and the 3D avatar that helps you and our team better see any areas of improvement, we’ll be better able to create a plan of action for your chiropractic treatments and more!



The 3D avatar produced by the Fit3D scans helps you to see yourself in 3D, from all angles, instead of straining to see yourself in photos or the mirror. With this complete scanned avatar, you’ll be able to get a better idea of your body, any areas you’d like to improve, and overall goals that you want to aim for!

The Fit3D technology is a brand new offering at Major Chiropractic and our team is excited to get started with you to help you look and feel your best self! With easy, quick scans, you can get your assessment easier than ever before and get started on your fitness and wellness journey.

With the powerful tool of the Fit3D scan, our team can help you set your body and health goals in a more concrete manner and ensure that we’re setting you up for success on your journey.


3D Body Scans

No more worrying about what kinds of goals you should set for yourself while you’re working toward a better looking and healthier body! With the Fit3D scanner at Major Chiropractic, our team will be able to help you quantify your chiropractic, health, and fitness goals.
Use the 3D avatars from your scans to not only set your goals, but track your progress and feel accomplished in reaching benchmarks during your fitness journey. With the Fit3D scanner, we can show you exactly how well you’re doing and if there are other areas of improvement that you need to work on, as well.

Learn more about the Fit3D scanner and get started today by scheduling an appointment with our team at Major Chiropractic!

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