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Jordan Westerkamp Portrait


Jordan is a former American professional football player who serves as our Athletic Performance Director and assists in our rehabilitation department. His extensive background in training at an elite level serves our patients and athletes well. He has been a great motivator and role model for our young athletes. Jordan attended Montini Catholic High School in Lombard, Illinois and played his collegiate career at the University of Nebraska. He served as the team captain in both his junior and senior seasons. He had multiple all Big Ten honors including 1st team All-Big Ten 2015. He went on to play in several professional leagues including the NFL, CFL, and XFL.


  • Nebraska All-Time Receptions, 4th (167 receptions)

  • Nebraska All-Time Receiving Yards, 6th (2,474 yards)

  • Nebraska All-Time Touchdown Receptions, 5th (18 TD)

  • First Team All-Big Ten (Phil Steele, 2015)

  • Third Team All-Big Ten (Coaches, 2016)

  • ESPN College Football Play of the Year (reception vs Florida Atlantic, 2014)

  • Sports Science Newton Award for Outstanding Reaction (2015)

  • Team Captain (2015, 2016)

  • Miami Dolphins (Undrafted Free Agent, 2017)


In his free time, Jordan continues to lift weights and run sprints. He will be headed back to school to study as a physical therapy assistant. Jordan most enjoys spending time with his close-knit family and his fiancé, Cristina.


In the first quarter of 2023 Jordan will be opening a new division of the Major facilities. Major Sports Performance will offer a variety of services including:


Our focus at Major Sports Performance is developing fast, explosive athletes. We do this by training power. Power training involves exercises or movements that apply a maximum amount of force as fast as possible. Power is essentially strength + speed and with our performance training program we develop both. With our unique equipment, we put our athletes through a customized performance training program that will push them to meet expectations.



As much as we want to train all day, we need to be smart in our approach to training. Athletes’ bodies are constantly pushed to their limits. As we train harder, we need rest and recovery. Whether we are in-season, or in the off-season, our maintenance program adds a recovery element. We supply our athletes with Normatec Recovery Boots post training sessions to allow them to recover faster, improve training, and maximize performance.



Major Sports Performance is for everybody. Outside of our performance training and maintenance programs we also offer personal training and HIIT classes. Our personal training program is completely customizable and will be developed to meet all your needs. Our high intensity interval training program is in a group setting and focuses on melting fat and pushing you to your limits! It’s never too late to start!



Major Sports Performance works hand in hand with Major Chiropractic and Xendurance. Major Chiropractic offers top of the line chiropractic and sports rehab care, to keep us healthy and avoid the risk of injury. A well-rounded training program paired with optimal nutrition will take your game to an even higher level. Xendurance has proven to be a leading force in athlete supplementation and nutrition. As mentioned, the game has changed. Sports demand much more out of the athlete, and we want to do whatever we can to help them stay healthy and excel.

Create your Major change today.

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